Aliz and Alfardan Group Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the MENA region


Aliz Team | 2023-05-18

3 Minutes Read

We are thrilled to announce that Aliz, the international Google Cloud Partner, has expanded its global presence with a new office in Qatar! This partnership is committed to delivering best-in-class digital transformation projects in the region, leveraging 12 years of experience in guiding businesses through cloud-based digital transformations. With the opening of our sixth office globally, we're looking forward to providing innovative and secure cloud-based solutions to our customers in the region and building a team in Qatar!

Aliz is known for providing customers with cutting-edge Infrastructure, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Application Development, and Managed Service solutions. Our recent collaboration with the Qatar Football Association (QFA) demonstrates our commitment to supporting the cloud journeys of businesses in the region. To enhance our local capabilities, we decided not just to further work with clients in the Middle East but also to open an Aliz office in Qatar. The expansion provides a great opportunity for businesses in the region to take advantage of our expertise and knowledge in cloud technology.

Growing our global presence

Aliz has had great success with its offices in Budapest (Hungary), Singapore, Berlin (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Jakarta (Indonesia). Our expansion to Qatar is a natural step in our growth strategy, and we can't wait to be even more present in the Middle East market. 

"We're excited to partner with Alfardan Group and expand our presence in Qatar, working with businesses seeking to accelerate their digital transformation journeys," said Istvan Boscha, Founder of Aliz. “We believe that our partnership with Alfardan Group will enable us to provide the best possible solutions to help businesses in the region grow and thrive."


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