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They say data is the new oil. But what’s the value of oil if you don’t use it? Take maximum advantage of your business data, and modernize your operations with our solutions powered by Google Cloud.

Data Solutions

What big data can do for your success


Store & process your data in the cloud

Enjoy the advantages of being a cloud-native: security, scalability, no-ops, and availability.


Break down your data silos

Centralize your data on Google Cloud to make sure it is homogenized, consolidated, accessible, and easy to use.


Make data-driven decisions

Drive sales by integrating your cloud data warehouse with real-time data and predictive analytics.


How our tailor-made solutions help you


360° view of the customer

If you want satisfied customers, you have to know what they need and when they need it. Unless you can read minds easily, your next best option is to use your data. 
We help organizations around the world make use of their data in the right way to drive real-time insights and personalize their customer journey. Real results make happy clients and drive more profit for the company.


Data warehouse

If you’re not yet using a data warehouse, we can build you one. If you’re already on the cloud, we can audit, optimize, and modernize your existing data warehouse. 
Either way, you will be able to make relevant decisions based on real-time data and save a massive amount of time and money. A proper data warehouse is the foundation of any modern data-driven organization. We can help you have one.


Predictive analytics

Knowing the future is hard unless you are an oracle. We have to make decisions every day, and those decisions are best made if they are fact based and data-based.
By applying our predictive analytics solutions, you can harness the power of your data and move your business toward fact based decision making.


Actionable insights

Once your data warehouse is ready, gather, analyze, report and put into practice must be done to your data to be translated into business results.
Our solutions can do all that for you. We build machines that you feed with your data and it converts it into actionable insights … We can help you make your decisions fact based and your business future proof.


How we work


Discovery and assessment

After you contact us, you will meet the consultant who will be your guide during your cloud journey. You’ll tell us about your business and have some discovery sessions with our team where we collect information about the organization. Our engineers will dig to the root of your challenges and come up with a plan to solve your problems and achieve your goals.



Define and align

We will then define and align the project scope until we can ensure the optimal solution, delivered with the technologies that are the best fit for your organization.




This is where you get to see the whole team in action. We will deliver the first workshop/PoC for you. You will also get a taste of our agile mindset. We wil keep in touch, iterate, and optimize continually.




It’s up to you how your cloud journey continues. We can either deliver the solution enable your team, and then consult and support if you need so, or continue delivering the next project. One thing is for sure: we’ll have your back.



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