About us

Aliz is a Big Data and Machine Learning specialized Google Partner with offices in Budapest, Singapore, and Munich.

We build and provide solutions which help companies gain valuable insights into their business, predict the future, and optimize processes.

We help our customers around the world to save costs and fuel growth.


Our Mission

We define ourselves as a tech lab, trying out the latest tech achievements and bringing them closer to our customers by solving real life problems together. We continuously experiment with new technologies so we can help your business with the challenges you face today or will face tomorrow.

Our mission is to be your trusted technology advisor. We wish to complete your technological know-how by providing fullstack solutions for your business problems. Ultimately, we're helping you from ideation through prototyping to production - with the best available cloud-based technologies on the market.

Our Vision

Our vision creates a long-term destination for our business partnership and provides us with a roadmap to success.

Imagine we’re sitting in your office two years from now, looking back on the journey we have taken together…

You have managed to grow your company to the optimal size for your business model and market size. Meanwhile, you now better understand your customers, your employees, and your whole value creation process. By the end of this quarter, you have optimized your costs without any major difficulties.

You can recall several successful data-driven decisions. In addition, you remember how you were able to act proactively when a business opportunity arose - thanks to your data-driven predictions. We talk about how you tackled complex challenges far faster than before, thanks to the smart data available to you.

As a result, you’re confidently looking forward to your next business challenge ... with your trusted technology advisor, Aliz.

Doesn’t your coffee taste better than ever?

After all, that’s our vision.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

  • Programming

We’re constantly looking for methodologies to develop quality code that solves tasks efficiently and effectively. Likewise, we love developing seamless solutions with the help of novel technologies.

  • Business Sense

We think with our clients, helping you to create the value you seek. That is to say, as your trusted tech advisor, we know and understand your core competencies. As well as how to apply the latest technologies to get the most out of them.

  • Balanced Teamwork and Leadership

Our company consists of responsibly led teams who are always taken care of. As a result, we enjoy balanced teamwork both with our clients and amongst ourselves.

  • Consciousness

By having personal authority, freedom, and responsibility, we continuously reflect on our behaviour, rethinking our processes if needed. This way, we can build a company that fits our own values and those we’d like to deliver.

  • Experimentation

Above all, we’re constantly experimenting with new technologies and solutions to help you be more confident in your future when it comes to technology decisions and solutions and where to apply them.

The Team

Istvan Boscha

Group CEO

Tech founder who believes that IT solutions can make the world a better place.

Balazs Molnar


Ex-Google and Uber executive with extensive experience in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Tamas Szatmari

SVP of Business Development

Business Development Lead determined to bridge the gap between IT and business.

Zsuzsanna Henk

Lead Account Manager

Google Cloud Solutions Specialist who interprets customer needs and creates value for them.

Tamas Tozser

Group CTO

Group Chief Technology Officer who developed a document management product on Google App Engine that is currently being used by millions of people worldwide.

Csaba Kassai


Experienced Big Data trainer with several years of experience, tech lead of our Singapore team.

Zoltan Kauker

Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud Solution Architect with more than 10 years of development experience, currently experimenting with IoT solutions.

Balazs Bozsogi

PMO Lead

Experienced Agile Project Management Office Lead with large-scale programmes in multicultural environments.

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