4 reasons why you should use a GCP reseller

GCP reseller
Reading Time: 3 Minutes ReadThese days, talk about digitalization and ‘the cloud’ is constant and urgent. In our ever-globalizing and ever-innovating world, the opportunities to harness cloud technology and use it to fuel growth are endless (just check out some of the many use cases in our previous blogs posts); but it can also be daunting to manage. The team at Aliz wants to help companies not only get by in the age of digitalization, but unlock their maximum potential. How? By giving them a little edge in their cloud journey. As a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner and official reseller of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services, we supply GCP licenses at the same price as Google, but with additional services. Here are a few of the many reasons why taking advantage of a GCP reseller partnership can be a massive advantage for any business:

1. Same GCP price, additional benefits

By partnering with a GCP reseller, you pay the same price for your GCP licenses as you would by buying directly from Google, but you can get additional benefits. The services can be customizable for your business’s specific needs. These can include:
  • An audit
  • A specialized training workshop for your IT team
  • Implementation – whether it be a PoC or a production-ready project
  • A combination package
… And more. The aim of a GCP reselling partner, such as Aliz, is to work with your business to identify the best support package that will not only improve how you utilize Google Cloud’s tech stack, but enhance all aspects of your business operations, keeping you future-proof and ahead of your competition.

2. Continuous support from certified Google Cloud engineers

With a GCP reseller in your corner, the days of navigating the complexities of the cloud alone are over. In order to become a certified reseller, companies must hold a rigorous set of prerequisites; these include passing a series of Google Cloud certifications, having Google Cloud Premier Partner status, and more. When you partner with a qualified reseller like Aliz, you gain access to a pool of engineers who possess years of  combined experience with Google Cloud technologies and processes. Your IT team receives step-by-step support from these experts, from your initial audit to post-planning and ongoing consultancy.

3. Simplified payments

You already have enough on your plate with your day-to-day business operations, why add a complicated billing system to the mix? Google Cloud Platform pricing can get complex, but it gets a whole lot simpler when you purchase your licenses through a reseller. When you purchase GCP services through us, you can enjoy flexible invoicing, payment via a simple bank transfer (wave goodbye to credit card hassle), and transparent, real-time cost tracking on a customized dashboard. We can already see your billing department thanking you.

4. Maximize value

Nobody likes to waste time or money. When businesses use the expertise of a GCP reselling partner like us, they can be confident that they’re getting the most value out of Google Cloud products. We help IT teams identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their workloads, giving them more time to focus on using Google Cloud tech to drive direct value for their business. There’s also no need to allocate extra time and human capital to train a new team member on the ins and outs of the cloud. That’s what we’re here for. Want to learn more? Check out this case study on the official Google Cloud website to see how Emarsys took advantage of a GCP reseller partnership. Or if you’re interested in learning more about how Aliz can make your cloud journey easier, we’d be happy to talk!

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