The third Aliz office has officially opened, this time in Munich

third aliz office
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We’re excited to let you know that our brand new office has officially opened, this time in Germany, which is our second one in the old continent.

Since we announced a few months ago that our Singapore office had opened its doors, we’ve taken up a huge number of extensive ML and Big Data projects for leading Asian startup unicorns, airlines, and e-commerce businesses. Now we are extremely pleased and proud to announce that another big step has landed in the success story of our company: the third Aliz office has finally officially unlocked!

Our newest office is now in the German Munich, also known as the capital of Bavaria. This will be the second one in Europe, next to our first one in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

Our move into Munich is the beginning of something new again. We have another chance to show our expertise and build an extended network of clients in a new, untapped market.

This is a crucial move for our business, as now we are able to meet our clients in three countries: Hungary, Singapore, and Germany. This means the with this third Aliz office we are able to more easily enter into the DACH region (which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so the three German-speaking countries). This means that we are now able to build contacts more easily with our future clients and keep the contact with our already extant clients. It will take us one step closer to our ultimate goal of becoming a worldwide enterprise. 

We’re excited to see what other projects the future holds – and who knows? We might be announcing our next new office, the fourth one in just a few months…



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