The third Aliz office has officially opened, this time in Munich

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We’re excited to let you know that the third Aliz office has officially opened, this time in Munich.

Since we announced a few months ago that our Singapore office had opened its doors, we’ve taken up a huge number of extensive ML and Big Data projects for leading Asian startup unicorns, airlines, and e-commerce businesses.
Our move into Munich is the beginning of something new again. We have another chance to show our expertise and build an extended network of clients in a new, untapped market.
This is a crucial move for our business, as now we’re able to meet our clients in three countries: Hungary, Singapore, and Germany. It takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal of becoming a worldwide enterprise. We’re excited to see what projects the future holds – and who knows? We might be announcing our next new office in just a few months…

Please let us know how we can reach out to you. We will contact you with various options on how you can get an insight and also hands-on experience with AIP.