The Power of Thank You

The Power of Thank You

Isn’t it great to be appreciated? Especially for the little things you have done? Much of what we do throughout the day is often taken for granted. And when our proactivity, trust, and helpfulness are not recognized, they slowly fade away. So we have learned not to let it happen. This article explores the power of saying thank you.

Based on Jürgen Appelo’s Kudo Box concept we show gratefulness with a card, a message, or a letter right after an event. We have built a Kudo Box Chrome extension to make it possible to act as soon as we feel the need to express our thanks.

This extension consists of a simple form, which we can open from our browser. There, we fill in the name of the receiver and the cause for which we are grateful. With just one click, our colleague receives a short email. On the built-in dashboard, we can see all the nice things that have been sent and received.

We follow only one important rule: we don’t just thank anyone for the work they have done. We’ve all agreed to do our job. It’s kind of expected. We say thank you for the things we didn’t expect. For the coffee someone brought us. For the attention, we received that morning when we were in a bad mood. Or, for the help, we got from a busy colleague.
Saying thank you builds up. It builds trust. It builds comradeship. And it builds a good ambiance.

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