Machine Learning

Apply artificial intelligence (AI) and solve your most difficult business challenges. Our Machine Learning Solutions help you with forecasting, segmentation, and image and text processing. Automate your processes and save costs.

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The only data and analytics specialized Google Partner in Southeast Asia.

From data migration to data visualization:

We develop unique solutions based on your company’s individual needs. We take a 360-degree view of your business and apply our extensive experience to get you to where you need to be.


  • Recommendation

Leverage Google infrastructure to create recommendation algorithms on Big Data.

  • Recommend relevant items for online buyers in E-Commerce.
  • Recommend relevant content for visitors in online media.
  • Trend

Use recent advances in deep learning to forecast time series data.

  • Forecast a time series of sales volume.
  • Predict supply and demand.
  • Data

Know your customers better and create a personalized experience for different marketing segments.

  • Create your offers based on how your customers engage with your products.
  • Time your messages based on your customers’ temporal behavior patterns.
  • Image and
    Text Processing

Start making sense of your unstructured data. Detect and categorize objects and entities.

  • Categorize customer service data and automatically route cases to the relevant people.
  • Identify similarities between images of your products and use them to target your customers.

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We use various technologies for our Machine Learning Solutions, but the ones we use the most are Tensorflow and Cloud Machine Learning Engine.


We are interested in everything when it comes to Machine Learning. We offer complex, customized Machine Learning Solutions for Airlines, Online Travel Agencies as well as for E-Commerce, Retail, Online Media, Banking and Finance businesses.

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