Do you have particular invoicing needs that Google can't fulfill?

You're not alone. And we're here to help.


We offer tailored invoices to fit your business's invoicing system.

Aliz is an official reseller for Google Cloud Platform services.

By using Aliz, you pay the same price for your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services as if Google billed you directly, but you get a higher added value in return.

Say goodbye to invoicing issues when sourcing GCP services through Aliz

  • Pay via bank transfer rather than a credit card
  • Request a tailored invoice that fits your business's invoicing system
  • Track your GCP costs on a live, customized dashboard

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And what's best...

We offer additional, free benefits on top of the GCP services.


Regular workshops assess current project architectures, development processes, and other factors.

Audits evaluate spending optimization potential and identify bottlenecks to eliminate inefficiencies.


Choose between a custom curriculum based on your projects or standard Google Cloud training.

Let us train your new and existing staff on Google Cloud and enable them to self-build projects on GCP.


We offer implementation together with your team or separately by us.

We implement a POC or a production-ready project.


We provide continuous support.

We act as a single point of contact for any technical Google Cloud issue.

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