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Discover our Machine Learning Solutions: Apply artificial intelligence (AI) and solve your most difficult business challenges. Forecasting, segmentation, as well as image and text processing solutions help you automate processes and save costs.

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Discover our Big Data Solutions: Process and store your data with proven technology. Establish a solid foundation for your data-driven future. Build a new data warehouse, integrate it with predictive analytics or migrate an existing one to the cloud.

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Snapcart is a new-generation market research company headquartered in Jakarta with offices in Singapore and Manila.

The company has a consumer mobile application that lets users take photos of their receipts and upload them to Snapcart’s system. In return, they earn cashback while Snapcart uses their data for market research for clients like P&G, Unilever, J&J, and more.

We helped Snapcart automate its data-processing pipeline to minimize human interaction in the process thus making the pipeline faster and scalable.

We developed a real-time, scalable, and easily extendable Google-Cloud-based data warehouse and reporting solution for Dagrofa, one of the biggest retailers in Denmark.

Today, the company is able to collect and analyze data about its core activities (e.g. sales, marketing, and logistics), make data-driven decisions and predictions, and gain insights.

We helped the digital marketing company Carussel to move its digital solution to the cloud from its on-premises infrastructure.

By migrating the infrastructure to Google Cloud, Carussel has a solution that meets high service-level standards, utilizes less operational workload, and extends easily on new market introductions.

Furthermore, with Google’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, Carussel can transform its opex budget into features that really matter.

We helped one of the largest Central and Eastern European low-cost airlines ‒ Wizz Air ‒ to connect online Google Analytics 360 data to their data warehouse to get combined insights.

By integrating these two data sources with Google BigQuery, Wizz Air is able to gain valuable business insights.

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