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85% of AI and Big Data projects fail due to ever-changing demands.
A Composable Enterprise is “an organization that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change. It does this through the assembly and combination of packaged business capabilities (PCBs). PCBs are application building blocks that have been purchased or developed.”
Future of Applications: Delivering the Composable Enterprise

Composable business capabilities by Aliz

AIP Composable Business Capabilities

Composable business through AIP means, that we serve solutions or make them available for you not only as building blocks but connected by pre-assembled tech capabilities, deployed in a microservice architecture. 

Furthermore, we support all necessary commodity features that you would require to maintain and operate these solutions effectively. 

How Blueprints work?

Browse blueprints
Browse the repository of AIP and select the solution you need. Blueprints are the basic modules and basic building bricks of your composable business and tech capabilities
Show blueprints
Select the blueprint
Choose the solution that you want to utilize. Some blueprints will be available in your code repository if you allow linking, some will be managed on Aliz infrastructure.
Show blueprints
Solution, served
If you select customizable Blueprint, the platform will clone it into your code repository. You can freely modify the code and tailor for custom requirements.
The platform can provision the code or selected solution multiple ways. Each Blueprint will determine, but the scripts and know-how on how to provision it will be included and the platform will do the job for you.
Managed services
Industry specific AI solutions and some other features are available as service on subscription basis. Utilize through web interface or API.
Show solutions
Commodity features
Why spend resources on developing tech capabilities that you can rech off-the-shelf? All features that you need to operate blueprints and other solutions are available: MLOps, cloud infra operation and data engineering.
Benefits of AIP


Microservices packaged in business capabilities.

Managed microservice architecture to get your business competency to the market within desired ROI.

Deployment and provisioning optimized for Google Cloud

Build your innovation teams around proof-of-concept efforts efficiently


Packaged capabilities

Microservices packaged in business capabilities.

Seamless operation

Managed microservice architecture to get your business competency to the market within desired ROI.

Cloud native deployment

Deployment and provisioning optimized for Google Cloud

Digital innovation

Build your innovation teams around proof-of-concept efforts efficiently



Manage centrally your business capabilities with an iterative approach


Scale with your application-specific and technical partners easily


Apply new management methodologies to enable your speed of change

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Are you…


...an Operative?

Get started with full stack data, ML, and application deployment experience, with off-the shelf solutions right into your code repository.

Industry experts

… an Industry-expert?

Achieve better ROI: more revenue, less cost, and extra time to spend on core activities. Select out-of-the-box industry-specific solutions to get started without delay.

...a Business leader?

We mitigate your risk with pre-assembled collections of business capabilities that save time to market and money invested in going into production.

How does AIP apply packaged business capabilities?

We have perfected a collection of best-practices for you: 


Pre-populated development projects made available in your repository with source code.

Commodity features

Managed services for MLOps, cloud infrastructure, compliance and QA monitoring.

Industry-specific AI ​

Managed services and licensed products for various industries, optimized for specific use cases.

Contact our team if you want to get hands-on experience!

Why is AIP the most suitable solution?


It's an imperative to properly position operations in the digital and AI transformation.


Proactively enables composable business capabilities in the field of data analytics and AI/ML applications.


Manages governance for a higher definition of technological and business management.


A collection of compliant and transparent data-oriented solutions and technologies.

Benefits of AIP

Building composable business capabilities.

We’re on a long-term mission to make sense of random information clusters. We are heavy on features and on a journey toward frictionless data analytics.

István Boscha

Tech founder who believes that IT solutions can make the world a better place.

István Boscha


Zoltán Guth

Technical leader whose passion is to deliver valuable solutions to every customer.

Zoltán Guth

CTO of Platform

Norbert Liki

Lead Data Science Architect and dedicated evangelist of MLOps solutions.

Norbert Liki

Lead Data Scientist Architect

András Mischinger

Voice of the customers, believes that simplicity leads to ultimate satisfaction.

András Mischinger

AI Product Manager

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