Aliz is Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year in APAC

partner of the year
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We have some exciting news…

We’ve been really excited to tell the world (and it was so hard to keep this a secret) – among these trying times, we still have a reason to celebrate: Google Cloud named Aliz the 2019 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for the Asia Pacific region! We are over the moon for this recognition, and hope to continue our work with Google Cloud and our amazing clients and partners to continue on the journey to celebrating success together. Aliz Technologies started out two years ago in Singapore with one goal in mind: to help companies prepare for a new digital age. Since then, they have helped major companies in the APAC region to achieve their business goals using Google Cloud combined with Aliz expertise, and just a hint of a geeky mindset. Our team at Aliz is comprised of engineers, industry experts, and digital professionals, thus ensuring that our clients are ready to face the challenges of the ever-changing digital world. The future-proof infrastructure and next-generation data platforms we have built on the Google Cloud’s Platform help our customers grow and do what they do best: be there for their own customers. The collaborative mindset and ability to anticipate and prepare organizations for the new digital challenges materialized now, and we could’t be happier. “We’re proud to recognize Aliz Technologies as our Breakthrough Partner of the Year in Asia Pacific for 2019,” said Carolee Gearhart, Vice President, Worldwide Channel Sales at Google Cloud. “Aliz Technologies demonstrated a commitment to customer success and strong know-how with Google Cloud products and solutions, and we’re excited to continue our partnership to help customers succeed.” We would like to thank our wonderful team, our clients and everyone who made this possible. This is just the beginning. Let’s create the future together.

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