Optimize the foundation of production

To maximize business outcomes, it's not enough to increase production rates. The tasks, checks, adjustments, and motion required for production must be orchestrated to find the most effective use of time and resources with the least amount of input.

Available as Blueprint or Managed service (API endpoint and UI)

Automated training and retraining

Guaranteed inference frequency

Data engineering support

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Save on resources

Reaching optimal values on the settings to control a process potentially results in reducing energy consumption, human operative hours or other resources.

Improve productivity

Modelling and optimizing the settings results in better performance. Boost profitability and gain revenue directly from optimizing the process and reach your KPIs more effectively.

Reduce costs using predictive analytics

Our proprietary AI algorithms automatically detect patterns in sensor data that exceed the capabilities of human perception or precision of other heuristic approaches. This results in lower maintenance and production costs.



Automatized training and retraining

No need to trigger training. Initiate data ingestion and the result is obtained automatically .

Accessible through web interface (API)

It can be easily integrated with other processes, machinery, or solutions.

Guaranteed inference frequency

You can send optimization requests on a regular basis, even intraday.

Data engineering support

Automatic data cleaning and assisting services (like feature engineering) included.


How does it work?

No domain knowledge required

No need for knowledge of heuristics and standard mapping functions (eg.high level in physics e.g. thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, etc.). Success rate does not depend on the area of application, nor on various environmental occasions.

Successful over multiple conflicting objectives

Optimization with an AI solution can mitigate this risk of conflicting objectives. Due to the iterative modelling and simulation over all the objectives, it will result in fine-tuned optimization.

Managed service

The solution runs in a SaaS model. Therefore you don’t need to invest in servers, spend on implementation or deal with maintenance.

Infrastructure agnostic solution

The solution is not dependent on any vendor, it doesn’t require a specific IoT device or platform. You can have any type of sensor, we are agnostic about manufacturer and model.

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