Managed Services by Aliz

Focus on your core business and leave the rest to us.

We ensure your  Google Cloud Platform (GCP)  infrastructure is resilient and optimized so your team can focus on your core business and innovation.


What managed services can do for your business

We offer 24x7 monitoring and support for your GCP environments.

We could promise to send you a message within 15 minutes saying we are working on the issue, but instead, we undertake to provide a meaningful response within 1 hour.

Enjoy our Google joint support offering! Google is responsible for the components of the cloud while Aliz is responsible for the components in the cloud. We also use Google’s Site Reliability Engineering approach in our operational model.

Who we are

Get peace of mind with the Aliz MSP team

Our managed service team is incorporated into our cloud infrastructure team, which ensures high-level expertise including Infra and CloudOps engineers, Data, ML devs, and Cloud Architects.

Your service quality is ensured by L1-L3 support levels.  We continuously provide access to the latest technologies and a wide range of newly acquired GCP expertise in many industries. 

How we start

360º initial assessment and transition

Aliz evaluates the existing infrastructure prior to cloud operation support, including architecture design, current security policies, configuration and network, automation possibilities, and transformation recommendations. 

During a transition phase we prepare your GCP stack for ongoing operation. Then an MSP Ops book is created… and you’re ready to take off!

What we offer

Achieve more with Aliz MSP – our services in a nutshell

Preventive maintenance

We place special emphasis on creating the stable foundation necessary to provide and maintain a reliable GCP environment.

Problem management

We pinpoint the root cause and get rid of it forever.

Dedicated Service Delivery Manager

We dedicate a manager who is familiar with your requirements and responsible for maintaining a quality service.

Availability, capacity, and performance management

We do our best here with analysis and testing through chaos engineering.

Event support

We offer stand-by support for business events and feature launches.

Easy access to our MSP team

We accept incident reports by email, phone, and through our ticketing system.

Incident handling

We respond quickly 24x7 when the unexpected occurs.

Change enablement

We think of infrastructure as code.

Value-added consulting services

All our staff are ready to help, including those not related to service health: consulting, training, planning, dev support, engineering Q&A

Secure by design

We consider security, policy enforcement, and governance of your cloud based on best practices.

Service-level Agreement

Our predefined qualitative, quantitative, and service-level agreement (SLA) parameters ensure your business continuity.


We help you control and optimize your GCP costs.

Service catalog

Tailored to your company’s needs

Technical Support with GCP ResellManaged ServiceManaged Service Premium
Engineering Q+A
Design and architecture consultation
Service Delivery Manager
Preventative maintenance
Availability management
Capacity and performance management
Change enablement
Incident handling
Disaster recovery
Security management
Event launch and support
Value-added consulting services

Wanna know more or not sure what you need?