Tiket.com Case Study


Faye Gillespie, | April 26, 2021

3 Minutes

About the client

tiket.com is one of the largest online travel agencies in Indonesia. They offer services to book flight or train tickets, accommodation, car rental, and even entertainment tickets all in one place. Since the company began operations in 2011, they have grown extensively. In 2018, they were operating with over 20,000 online transactions per day, and they have since become the leading OTA in Indonesia. Given the nature of their services, it is essential for tiket.com to be scalable and constantly available.

  • Verticals: Travel & Hospitality
  • Technology: Infrastructure
  • Location: Indonesia

The challenge

Before partnering with ALiZ and starting to take advantage of Google Cloud, tiket.com had been struggling to keep up with the enormous demand they were experiencing for their services. It was increasingly difficult for them to provide a fast, seamless experience on their legacy infrastructure. Their environment consisted of more than 1200 servers from two different cloud providers, as well as on-prem servers. Constant availability is a key factor in tiket.com’s operations. During their big sales weeks, any downtime resulted in the site failing to serve their customers’ needs and the company losing potential income. The servers were constantly overloading under the weight of the required data. So much so, that tiket.com could not sell the maximum number of tickets or deals; their system simply could not handle the number of users and transactions. This resulted in loss of profit. Besides this drop in revenue, tiket.com’s legacy infrastructure environment caused other financial losses, because they used different cloud providers (a legacy monolith application and a newer, microservice-based application infrastructure). Their very high maintenance costs prompted tiket.com’s plan to migrate all their data to Google Cloud. What tiket.com hoped for was a new cloud infrastructure solution that would be scalable, secure, future-proof, and cost-effective – and would also enable them to operate without any downtime for maximum revenue.

Our solution

They chose to join forces with the ALiZ team. As the first step, the team assessed their current processes and set up a plan. The aim was to determine a secure and seamless way to migrate tiket.com’s data to a cloud-based infrastructure. The ALiZ team closed the research phase with a two-day training for tiket.com’s internal team. Once the feasibility of the project had been proven, the migration began. They were set up with a dedicated infrastructure architect who was on-site during the project and led tiket.com’s own 5-6-person team. The new joint team worked with a new agile approach introduced by ALiZ: they had on-site and off-site collaborative design sessions to design the Dataflow pipelines. The historical data from previous campaigns also had to be imported. For this, the team built scripts to export data to Google Cloud Storage and launch BigQuery import jobs. They also made sure these scripts were reusable by tiket.com’s own team. Within four months, Tiket.com was operating on Google Cloud.

The result

As tiket.com have not experienced any downtime since moving their operations to Google Cloud, they can maximize sales and revenue. Their last two campaigns proved to be the most successful so far achieving 15x revenue growth compared to their previous activities. They now operate with 100% availability, which also resulted in their active user base growing by 400%, and their infrastructure costs are steadily decreasing, too.


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