Bank Jago – Case Study


Faye Gillespie, | May 27, 2021

3 Minutes

About the client

Bank Jago (Jago) is an Indonesian tech-based bank that “sees finance from a life perspective.” The bank, founded in 1992 under the name PT Bank Artos Indonesia and transformed to PT Bank Jago Tbk in 2020. Jago aspires to be a strong tech-based bank embedded in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem, to fulfill the needs of the middle and mass market segment, including small and medium enterprises.

The challenge

Jago’s goal is to be a digital bank of the future. Its aim is to fuse banking products and services with the optimized technology to deliver the best solutions to customers. When Jago came to ALiZ, it had several, scattered data sources which were not linked. It had to build some compulsory regulatory, fraud detection, and anti-money-laundering (AML) reports from these data sources to be able to start a banking service. To accomplish this, the Jago team wanted to have their data up-to-date and in a form consistent with the desired data model so that it guaranteed immediate availability for querying in the correct form rather than having to do batch transformation jobs, which is time and cost consuming.

Our solution

After assessing Jago’s situation, the overall goal was to build a real-time data platform on top of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We teamed up with Jago by offering data and infrastructure consulting services to their team. We supported the Jago team to design and build the whole data pipeline, organizational structure, IAM set-up, and data model. Our team of engineers helped review the data model design, work through representative ETL workflows, implement some of these as examples to be followed, and support internal staff in the ongoing development. Other activities our engineers took part in included designing basic MIS dashboards and implementing them in Data Studio, designing and implementing analytical queries and an interim workflow for basic fraud detection and AML use-cases, as well as setting up monitoring and alerts for the systems.

The result

In response to the customer’s problems, the ALiZ team laid the foundation of a real-time data platform on GCP. We on-boarded the Jago team regarding the bells and whistles of the platform, equipping them with best practices to manage it on their own. This on-boarding allows them to fully understand how the platform functions, and enables them to extend the platform themselves for future projects.


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