Make well-informed decisions by predicting the probability of future events!


The Aliz intelligence Platform offers a comprehensive AI tool that improves experience of forecasting.


How our solution innovates your business


Save on resources

AI-based solutions not only save time, getting results without delay, but deliver significantly higher accuracy and more accurate prediction resulting in cost savings or increased revenue.


Adapts quickly to fast-changing demands

Allows short- and mid-term planning even with volatile demand patterns when customer demands and behavior change rapidly and adoption is key to profitable sales operation for both existing delivery or new product launches.


Adaptable to multiple data sources

As a highly automated solution, multiple variables and sources can be incorporated smoothly. You can implement both internal factors, such as sales data, and external factors like weather, calendar events, demographics, etc.

Automatized training and retraining

No need to trigger training. Initiate data ingestion and the result is obtained automatically.

Accessible through web interface (API)

It can be easily integrated with other processes, machinery, or solutions.

Guaranteed inference frequency

Set the frequency of your forecasts in advance. Then, you will receive predictions on a regular basis daily, weekly or monthly.

Data engineering support

Automatic data cleaning and assisting services (like feature engineering) included.


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