DevOps Architect


Cloud Engineering

Our infrastructure team designs cloud-based architectures, and performs migrations, application optimizations, and troubleshooting to help customers save costs and fuel growth.



ALIZ already has clients all over Europe, but our ambition is to expand our business even more – specifically in the DACH region.



We have colleagues from around the world. We aspire to work with the most talented people, regardless of where they are based.

This role will suit you if you…

  • are enthusiastic about Infrastructure as Code.
  • know what SRE is.
  • would like to work with A+ colleagues and the region’s most experienced GCP developers.
  • find the quality of service most important, thus you fancy dealing with the whole lifecycle from the tiniest code fragments to virtual machines.
  • want to participate in spreading the cloud culture both in Hungary and internationally.
  • don’t just absorb knowledge, but also like to share it with others.

You will be responsible for…

  • implementing and managing cloud infrastructure based on GCP.
  • migrating our clients’ IT infrastructure to the Google Cloud.
  • automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
  • providing technical support in pre-sales.
  • having a deep understanding of GCP solutions and keeping up-to-date with what’s new in the cloud.

You will need…

  • a minimum of 5 years’ DevOps experience, of which 2 years is in a cloud environment.
  • familiarity with containerization, Terraform, scripting languages, CI/CD, and microservice architectures.
  • familiarity with cloud services, Linux, security, networking, and Kubernetes.
  • a comprehensive systems approach.
  • a learning attitude.
  • good communication skills in English and German.

It would be nice if you also have…

  • experience with GCP.
  • some knowledge of AWS, Azure, or OpenStack.

You will benefit from…

  • the opportunity to work on innovative projects with cutting-edge technology.
  • company-level knowledge management that will provide you with learning opportunities and projects where learning is part of your job.
  • the opportunity to work together with Google Professional Services.
  • the opportunity to acquire Google technical certifications.
  • the opportunity to become a certified Google engineer.
  • flexible working hours.
  • a collaborative team environment.

You will have the opportunity to…

  • deliver innovative projects with cutting-edge technology.
  • work together with Google Professional Services.
  • learn as part of your job (company-level knowledge management, acquire Google technical certifications).
  • become a certified Google trainer.
  • maintain a healthy work-life balance (flexible working hours, home office).
  • travel to cool places, such as Singapore.

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