New Name, New Corporate Identity


Vivien Sujbert | September 2, 2018

2 Minutes Read

This summer has been quite an eventful one for us. Not ‘eventful’ in the sense of something negative, rather a very exciting and empowering one as we’ve been preparing for our name change and redesigning our corporate identity. It’s happening today. From today on, we will operate globally under the new name of Aliz. But what’s behind this massive change?

From Doctusoft to ALiZ

Previously, we’d been operating under the global brand name Doctusoft with a subsidiary in Singapore called ALiZ. Doctusoft has taken up various custom software development projects for enterprises and for a long time now, we have really wanted to narrow this down. The Singapore subsidiary has always focused solely on data solutions, and for a few months now, the proportion of data projects has been growing steadily, affecting the company group as a whole. So, we decided to merge the two brands and create one that’s now able to fully focus on data-related projects in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, and IoT.

As a result, we’ve been looking for a name we could use globally, a name that would stand its ground wherever in the world we decided to expand. Then, one day, it suddenly dawned on us: We already had that name. We were already using it. And a large proportion of our clients already knew it. A familiar name, one that’s easy to understand anywhere in the world. A name that represents us globally: ALiZ. ALiZ in Wonderland), as we call it in Hungary. ALiZ, made with love, in Budapest, and blossoming in the wonderland we imagine creating with the power of cloud-based technology.


A fresh corporate identity

Finally, we had our new global name, so it was time to consider our corporate identity. We’ve been through so much during the past couple of years and have experienced so much awesomeness, therefore, we felt like a name change would also require a new corporate identity. This new design represents all that we stand for. Striving for professional excellence in an inspiring, cool environment while loving what we do and doing it to create value for others. Delivering tomorrow’s technology today. Everything else stays the same: the values we represent, the corporate culture we nourish, our sense of business, and the relationships we have both internally and externally.

This new identity is something we’re proud of, something we truly hope you’ll love as well. And be prepared. The next couple of months will bring a plenty of surprises.

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