Aliz supports the further training of IT teachers


Aliz Team | 2022-11-11

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From September 2022, Aliz will provide significant financial and professional support to the IT Teacher Mentor Program (InfoTanár Mentor Program), the most significant NGO initiative in the field of IT teacher training in Hungary. As a result of this partnership, the range of up-to-date courses will be expanded, more teachers will be able to develop their IT knowledge, and a digital platform will be created to connect educators with tech companies.

"Digital skills development and quality IT education should start in primary school to give children a better start in their adult lives. We all have a lot to thank our teachers for, but we believe that IT companies should also play a role in education," said Tamás Szatmári, CEO of Aliz. 

Tamás Szatmári, CEO of Aliz

"That's why we decided to support the program by contributing HUF 15 million to the initiative for one year starting September 2022, which will not only allow the program to be maintained but also expanded. In addition, we will also be involved in the work of the IT Teacher Mentor Program as a professional partner, including mentoring, lecturing, and the developing teaching materials," he added.

As a result of our contribution, the range of training courses will be significantly expanded; at least 500 teachers will be able to participate free of charge. The focus will be on topics such as teaching GIT, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Linux, creative teaching methods (through Playful Programming, Playful Electronics and LEGO robotics), and Project Management skills that improve both school work and students' skills.

Supporting the further training of IT teachers

The development of a unique platform will also be launched to build a bridge between IT teachers and the technology sector. Szatmári summarized the significance of the cooperation: "Teachers play a key role in the career guidance of the next generations, so we believe it is particularly important to create a living, supportive relationship between them and tech-focused companies. The digital platform will enable even more industry players to participate in knowledge sharing," Aliz not only provides a source of funding for the program but our community is also happy to help colleagues working as IT teachers to expand their knowledge, learn more about cloud technologies and development trends, or, for example, explore career opportunities for students. As a professional partner, we support the development of the program with all the tools at our disposal.

Aliz Team

In three and a half years, the initiative has provided training to more than 1,800 IT teachers and regularly reaches nearly 2,200 teachers through its club. "We have known from the very beginning that teachers and trainers need continuous professional support and care. Over the years, we have seen that the demand for training opportunities and professional materials that can be used immediately in teaching has far exceeded our expectations. We are very happy that thanks to the commitment and support of Aliz, the further training of IT teachers is moving to another level," added Zoltán Sisák, President of the HTTP Foundation (Dissemination of Network Knowledge Foundation), the non-profit organization behind the initiative.


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