Aliz is Now a Google Cloud Service Partner


Vivien Sujbert | 2019-03-13

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Here’s a Short Recap of Our Journey.

We first became a Google Partner back in 2010, before Google Cloud Partnership even existed; we were a so-called Google Apps Partner.

Since then, a lot has changed.

Engaging in Big Data

We worked hard and were lucky enough to take on more and more interesting projects as the years went by. Realizing how indispensable it is in today’s world to have a proper data infrastructure, we started to focus on Big Data. In mid-2018, we became the first and only Google Partner specializing in data and analytics in Southeast Asia.

Expanding in Southeast Asia

On taking up more and more projects in the region, we got to a point where it was essential to open our first office in Southeast Asia, in Singapore. This was a huge step for us – our hard work had paid off. Some of the greatest unicorns, telcos, and financial and e-commerce businesses, trust our expertise so much that they let us transform their data infrastructure, or build them a model that then serves as a foundation for their processes. Having more projects in Asia meant greater publicity, so last year we were quite active in the region. In October 2018, we exhibited at Tech In Asia 2018, where our APAC CEO, Balazs gave an interesting speech about the 4 Rights in Machine Learning. In early December, we attended the Asia Tech Podcast and just a few weeks ago, we exhibited at DataXSingapore, demonstrating our Machine Learning (ML) solutions to more than 500 attendees.

Expansion continued, this time to Germany

Shortly after our success in Singapore, we began expanding in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Just a month ago, we opened our third office, this time in Munich. We consider this step a new chance to showcase our expertise and build an extended network of clients in a new, untapped market.

The summer of rebranding

And hey! We shouldn’t forget about our new name either! After an eventful summer in 2018, we successfully changed our name from Doctusoft to Aliz and incorporated a new corporate identity as well.

New focus: Machine Learning

For a long time now, we have been increasingly focusing on ML solutions. We have an expanding ML team as the number of ML projects we’re taking up is exponentially growing. We’ve helped our clients build recommendation engines, engage in forecasting, and build the data infrastructure needed to build ML models.

Achieving the Google Cloud Service Partnership

Last week, it all came together. We achieved something we’ve been working so hard for since the beginning. Based on our heavy expansion on a global scale as well as the growing number of successful projects we’ve taken on, Google decided to grant us a Google Cloud Service Partner specialization. Now we’re among just a few companies in this tier, and this achievement makes us even more dedicated to continue growing. We’re grateful for everything we’ve managed to achieve in the past couple of years and are excited to see what the future holds for us. Here’s to helping the world become fully data-driven.

Interested in learning more about machine learning? Check our ML solutions or read our latest ML blog posts.


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