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Churn prediction

To maximize profit, you have to understand your customers, and especially those crucial touchpoints where they turn back and leave. Once you find out why those cancellations happen in the first place, you can optimize their journey accordingly. We can identify patterns which lead to customers cancelling subscriptions, and suggest ways you can minimize churn and maximize profit instead.

Infrastructure solutions

Constant availability is a key factor, especially in ecommerce. With Aliz’s cloud infrastructure solution, you can be available 24/7 with zero downtime at all times, be it a Black Friday sale, or a regular workday. This way, you can make sure that you maximize your profits, and your customers are going to appreciate it, too. And the cherry on top: You can do so by also cutting back on costs. Let’s chat and find out how moving to the cloud could help you.

NLP for customer support

The most successful companies today are the ones that provide a flawless customer experience. Being available 24/7 and providing prompt solutions for customer inquiries were traditionally expensive and difficult to establish – but not anymore. Our customer support and chatbot solutions use machine learning to understand queries and reply to them. They are integrated into your backend in order to automate tasks and create a seamless experience. Make customer support more effective with less effort.

Inventory optimization

Step up your game and take supply chain management to the next level. Make sure your stock is always up to date so that your customers always have what they need at hand. Managing your inventory based on real data can account for uncertainties, help you source the best products from all over the world, and cut back on supply chain costs. Inventory optimization will make you stand out from the crowd, and end the disruption caused by unhappy customers.

Our customers’ success stories

Conrad Case Study

We helped European electronics retailer Conrad Electronic decrease their customer churn and offer their customers a more personalized experience.

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