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Cloud Consultancy Services- What you gain if you choose Aliz

Going with your gut feeling works sometimes, but it’s best if you can back it up with data.

We have access to experts that are hard to find on the open market.

Improve customer experience and loyalty and grow your revenue.

We put our 10 years of experience into our consultancy services.

Cloud Consultancy Services- How we work

  • Step 1
    Defining business use cases (1 week)

    We organize a 1-2 day workshop for you, where our consultants sit down with your business and tech leaders.

    We assess how your current operations work, and define concrete business use cases and ways to improve your processes with big data, cloud, and ML.

    We define the scope and if you like what you learnt, we can give you a fixed-price project proposal.

  • Step 2
    Feasibility study (3-4 weeks)

    Once we have the defined business cases, we prioritize them, and continue digging to the root of your most burning business issues.

    We discover the feasibility of the chosen business case, and discover how your current data strategy can be improved

    We give you suggestions on how you can make the most of your data, and what tools or solutions are available to make your operations and decisions fact-based and data-driven.

  • Step 3
    POC (1-3 months)

    Once establishedwhat cloud solution your business needs, we can start proving its feasibility and potential business returns through a POC.

    The POC aims to showcase:
    • how the final solution would work in your tech environment,
    • what ROI you can expect,
    • what the components of the final solution are going to be.

  • Step 4
    You get to decide how you yourney continues

    As the last step, it is up to you how to continue. We can provide you with continuous training and consultancy, so your team can start implementing the solution into production.

    Or we can take care of the implementation – your data and your projects are in good hands with us!

We love working with both
techie and business people

We’ve worked with companies of different sizes
and profiles during our 10 years of operation.
We’ve developed best practices and an approach
which helps us guide companies toward digital

Whether you’re looking to solve a specific business
problem, want to discover data and ML
opportunities to revolutionize the way you serve
your customers, or need help to train your tech
team, we’re here for you. Let’s set up a meeting,
and find out together what you and your company


Cloud Consultancy Services- Our consultants

Balázs Bozsogi

VP of Engineering with robust experience coordinating large-scale technical teams and projects in multicultural environments.

Balázs Bozsogi

VP of Engineering

Zoltán Kauker

Cloud Solution Architect with 10+ years of development experience, currently experimenting with IoT solutions.

Zoltán Kauker

Cloud Solution Architect

Csaba Kassai

CTO in APAC and experienced Big Data trainer with several years of experience. Also the tech lead in Singapore

Csaba Kassai


Tamás Tőzsér

Group Chief Technology Officer who developed a document management product on Google App Engine that is currently being used by millions worldwide.

Tamás Tőzsér

Group CTO

Cloud Consultancy Services- Do you want to improve your
business processes?

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