Recommendations: from vanilla to personalization – Part III.

personalization-11Reading Time: 5 Minutes Read Here’s Part III. of my series about Machine Learning and personalization – read the first article here, and the second one here. How to personalize recommendations Simply recommending specific and relevant products to customers cannot be called “personalization.” To really personalize recommendations, beyond the what question, we need to grasp the bigger picture by addressing […]

Recommendations: from vanilla to personalization – Part II.

personalizationReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Here’s Part II. of my series about Machine Learning and personalization – read the first article here. Recommendations are not as vanilla as you may think When building a recommendation engine, the very first question to address is the What: what to recommend? What products would fit our customers’ tastes or needs? A lot of […]

Recommendations: from vanilla to personalization – Part I.

personalizationReading Time: 4 Minutes Read In this post, we discuss a prominent topic: How artificial intelligence (AI), and especially personalization can better serve customer experience – either your customers’ experiences or your experience as a customer. As a Data Science Architect at Aliz and a former Senior Data Scientist in the Market Research industry, I’ve handled many companies’ Recommendation Engines […]

AutoML: An Introduction To Get You Started

AutoMLReading Time: 4 Minutes Read AutoML is an exciting new trend in the Machine Learning (ML) industry. It revolves around analyzing data automatically and getting meaningful insights with minimum effort. By using the ingested data it is also capable of building models which can later be used as predictors for new data points.  What is AutoML and what is it […]

Computer Science Meets Humanities: Machine Learning Ethics

Machine Learning EthicsReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Although I work at a tech company, I have no technological background whatsoever. I graduated in linguistics from the Department of Humanities, meaning I had to sit through compulsory philosophy and ethics classes. It got me thinking: how am I going to use all this? And then it hit me. There is no better time […]

How to Maximize the Potential of Machine Learning in Retail

machine learning in the retail industryReading Time: 6 Minutes Read For decades retail companies have been exploiting analytics within the different segments of their businesses, including marketing and operations.  Such analytics are dusty, however, and have now come to an end. Traditional analytical methods are outdated; they require a lot of manual steps and the insights extracted cannot be easily generalized. Using analytics ultimately provides […]

Developing an Ancillary Recommendation Engine for Leading Low-cost Carrier in CEE

Reading Time: 3 Minutes Read This is our story of developing a personalized ancillary recommendation system based on Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google BigQuery, and artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The client for ancillary recommendation The leading Central and Eastern European low-cost airline, as a value-driven carrier, focuses on innovation at every stage of the customer journey. Its goal is to […]

Natural Language Processing: A Short Introduction To Get You Started

Natural Language ProcessingReading Time: 8 Minutes Read Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to improve communication between humans and computers. People speak in languages defined by error-prone rules. They make mistakes and use illogical statements, yet they still understand each other pretty well. Computers, on the other hand, need a perfect structure, preferably already in […]

Google Machine Learning: Using AI Has Never Been So Easy

Google Machine Learning: Using AI Has Never Been So EasyReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Machine learning (ML) has been around for decades, but at first, it was nearly as unapproachable for businesses as rocket science. Building artificial intelligence (AI) that could recognize pictures or make predictions about a new product’s success required serious investment. The first neural networks were more mathematical experiments than solutions applicable to real-life problems. For […]

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing: Apply ML for Marketing like a Pro!

Machine Learning in Digital MarketingReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Did you know that 3 out of 4 organizations implementing machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10%? And are you curious about how to apply Machine Learning for Digital Marketing? If your answer is yes, just keep reading our fresh blogpost! The topic of using machine learning in digital […]