Challenges in cloud-native application development

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Read In this post, I’ll discuss some less obvious things you need to know to reach a successful application development in the cloud-native environment, not just with App Engine! You might already have heard that we’ve been working a lot with the Google App Engine platform. When it first came out, it was kind of a […]

Kaizen Schmaizen

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Read More secrets behind the application with five million users.

Retail x Digitalization: How to Use Technology to Overcome Today’s Challenges

digitalization in retailReading Time: 3 Minutes Read More than a year has passed since we entered this strange new era. Besides its obvious disadvantages, COVID-19 has also brought the renaissance of everything digital. Many industries have started to catch up and reshape their operations to become disruptors in these disrupted times. What about retail? How can retailers ensure that they stay on […]

Candidate experience in our tech recruitment

candidate experienceReading Time: 4 Minutes Read Our employees have always been the soul of our successful business. We are grateful and proud to have an amazing team that is able to scale even when the whole world is in crisis. Recruitment isn’t only about the company seeking out the greatest talent, though; it’s also about the candidates choosing the  role that […]

Data backwards compatibility: Evolving your database with no downtime

evolving dataReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Evolving data structures in a continuously operated application with a NoSQL database can be challenging. These are some of the experiences we’ve had so far in the development and operation of AODocs, a cloud-native, serverless document management system used by millions of users all around the world. No downtime I’m not saying I miss developing […]

Join us and work with Google

careersReading Time: 2 Minutes Read We imagine great things, work hard, and support each other along the road. Check our open positions and if you think there’s a fit, drop us a line. At Aliz, we establish careers with Google! Open positions Big Data Architect Location: Germany Aliz is conquering the world by building scalable applications, IT infrastructures, big data, […]

Being an Official Google Cloud Partner: What comes with the Badges?

google partner badgeReading Time: 3 Minutes Read We flash some cool “bling” on our website; in addition to our branding, we show off our Official Google Cloud Partner badges.  What is a Google Cloud Partner, anyway? Why the badge? As a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have been thoroughly vetted by Google on our technical expertise using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) […]

Code review culture at Aliz: why and how we review code

code reviewReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Code review has become a pretty widespread agile technique in software companies, but it’s often misused. Sometimes it becomes a competitive sport between developers. Sometimes it’s just the lead developer correcting their subordinates’ work as a teacher corrects homework. Sometimes it’s just a glance over the pull request (PR) before merging, a mandatory and useless […]

5 ways startups can benefit from using Google Cloud technology

Google Cloud for startupsReading Time: 3 Minutes Read The startup sphere is as rewarding as is it grueling. The highs are mountainous, but the lows can be, well, you get it. That’s why it’s extremely important to set you and your team up for success from the get-go. Many startups have opted to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions as the technical foundation […]