Emarsys Case Study

About Emarsys:

Emarsys is one of the world’s largest independent marketing platform companies. They enable targeted and personalised interactions between digital marketers and customers using innovative omnichannel strategies.

The Background

Emarsys’ infrastructure solution was on Heroku. The Aliz tech team showcased the benefits of migrating to Google Cloud Platform. Some of the benefits highlighted included better storage, more seamless scaling, increased security, and an elevated developer experience. Given a thumbs up, they began executing the project, which also included training and knowledge transfer to the Emarsys team.  

The challenge

With no cloud infrastructure team on the customer side, Aliz had to design an infrastructure that can serve approximately 470 services, 100 PostgreSQL, and 40 Redis databases distributed between 28 teams. Technical specifications to adhere to included the following:  
  • Easy CI/CD integration.
  • Logging and alerting similar to Herokus’s logplex.
  • Minimal or no operational overhead.
  • Flexible project timeline to accommodate changes in circumstances.

The solution 

Thus, Aliz created a hybrid solution to tackle the above-mentioned challenges. This hybrid solution included having some tools ready but leaving the option for the developers to directly play with k8s. In addition, Aliz held numerous training sessions and knowledge transfer occasions for the development teams at Emarsys. This means the Emarsys team now has the resources and relevant know-how to operate and further develop the platform. Because Aliz is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, the team could offer significant help in dealing with customer support tickets towards Google.

The result

Thanks to help from the Aliz tech team, Emarsys is now able to benefit from a solution migrated from Heroku to GCP infrastructure. Because the hybrid solution requires minimal or no operational overhead, it also allows the Emarsys team to enjoy easy CI/CD integration, extensibility, and the ability to handle Black Friday peak hours with ease, for example. 

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