Being an Official Google Cloud Partner: What comes with the Badges?

google partner badge
Reading Time: 3 Minutes ReadWe flash some cool “bling” on our website; in addition to our branding, we show off our Official Google Cloud Partner badges. 

What is a Google Cloud Partner, anyway? Why the badge?

As a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have been thoroughly vetted by Google on our technical expertise using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services and on our demonstrated success in helping our clients fuel long-term growth in their businesses by building on these services.  Our team of engineers and tech enthusiasts has over 10 years of experience with software and data engineering and Google Cloud technologies. They deliver custom-built or off-the-shelf software, data analytics, and infrastructure solutions for the retail, eCommerce, telecommunication, digital media, and fintech industries (to name a few). They’ve illustrated their broad range of up-to-date experience across industries, workloads, and GCP solutions in the form of various Google Cloud certifications and customer case studies We’re also an official reselling partner of Google Cloud, so customers can purchase Google Cloud services directly through us. This is great for them because they have a partner next to them to guide and support them through their cloud journey. Once we obtained partner status, a door to long-term support, trust, innovation, and development opened. We’ve compiled an introductory list of the (many) awesome advantages that come with achieving partner status: 

Access to exclusive growth opportunities

The Google Cloud team is a huge advocate of continuous growth. They want all of their partners to be able to provide the best possible cloud experience to their customers. We have access to exclusive training and are constantly encouraged to obtain different business and technical certifications. Certifications allow us to stay up-to-date with knowledge on the latest technologies and industry know-how to better serve our clients.  In addition to individual certifications, partners like us can also apply for specializations and expertise in Google products, training, and various industries. This differentiates us from our competitors, builds trust, and helps us showcase our deep industry and technical knowledge. For example, we currently have specializations in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. 

Rewards and incentives

Our badges, specializations, and expertise are promoted in the official Google Cloud Partner Directory, allowing new leads to search for and find us. As a top-tier partner, we are invited to participate in the Partner Advisory Council where we hear Google Cloud’s strategy firsthand and have the opportunity to shape it. Other perks include the opportunity to apply for marketing funds and take part in co-branded marketing campaigns.*

Partner Advantage Portal

As a partner, we can access the Partner Advantage Portal. The portal provides a variety of tools and resources, including training programs for our tech, sales, and marketing teams. This training comes with free access to easy-to-follow and complete modules on Google Cloud products and solutions. Additionally, we have access to marketing campaigns and sales content to use as a part of our business development strategy

Ongoing, direct support from Google specialists

Support doesn’t end with the badge. If we have any questions or if the team is facing a challenge with one of Google Clouds’ numerous solutions, we have direct contact to dedicated Google specialists, product managers, and Google engineers across communication channels. As a Partner, we also benefit from early access to products and Google Cloud community news. 

All in all…

Being a certified Google Cloud Partner means more than just receiving a badge. Obtaining Partner status is a massive recognition of our technical expertise by Google Cloud . It means developing a deep sense of mutual trust between our team, our customers, and the Google Cloud team. It means equipping our employees with tools to ensure long-term business growth, innovation, and professional development. It means having the ability, time and time again, to deliver the highest level of technical expertise to our customers, not only by implementing solutions but by providing training workshops and consultancies that will enable them to optimize their cloud use and costs down the road. Interested in learning more about the Aliz team or our Google partnership? We’d be happy to chat!    *This only applies to partners with Premier Partner status

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