Join us and work with Google

careersReading Time: 2 Minutes Read We imagine great things, work hard, and support each other along the road. Check our open positions and if you think there’s a fit, drop us a line. At Aliz, we establish careers with Google! Open positions Big Data Architect Location: Germany Aliz is conquering the world by building scalable applications, IT infrastructures, big data, […]

Aliz is Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year in APAC

partner of the yearReading Time: 2 Minutes Read We have some exciting news… We’ve been really excited to tell the world (and it was so hard to keep this a secret) – among these trying times, we still have a reason to celebrate: Google Cloud named Aliz the 2019 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for the Asia Pacific region! We are […]

How to make remote work work: What our 10 years of experience have taught us

remote workReading Time: 5 Minutes Read As I write this article (March 2020), there is a huge possible epidemic going on across the globe. When the global spread of a new type of coronavirus started a few months ago, many companies decided to introduce remote work and home offices. However, in a team where there is no solid remote culture, introducing […]

Computer Science Meets Humanities: Machine Learning Ethics

Machine Learning EthicsReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Although I work at a tech company, I have no technological background whatsoever. I graduated in linguistics from the Department of Humanities, meaning I had to sit through compulsory philosophy and ethics classes. It got me thinking: how am I going to use all this? And then it hit me. There is no better time […]

Meet the CEO – Part II.

values-talent-management-alizReading Time: 3 Minutes Read This article is part of our series about the Aliz community and talent management as seen by our CEO, István. Read the first part here. Defining our company culture It is hard to accurately define our values as we don’t want to be just another company bullsh*tting about things we don’t actually represent. What I […]