Developing an Ancillary Recommendation Engine for Leading Low-cost Carrier in CEE

Reading Time: 3 Minutes Read This is our story of developing a personalized ancillary recommendation system based on Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google BigQuery, and artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The client The leading Central and Eastern European low-cost airline, as a value-driven carrier, focuses on innovation at every stage of the customer journey. Its goal is to provide affordable services […]

Do We Believe In Home Office?

Do We Believe In Home OfficeReading Time: 3 Minutes Read The never-ending battle for the title of ‘coolest office’ Companies invest increasing amounts of money in their offices so that they can be more attractive employers. But is this really what it takes? Is it really a breathtaking office (stunning design, great recreational space, comfortable lounges, smart gadgets, etc.) that makes people join and stick […]

Aliz is Now a Google Cloud Premier Service Partner

Reading Time: 2 Minutes Read Here’s a Short Recap of Our Journey. We first became a Google Partner back in 2010, before Google Cloud Partnership even existed; we were a so-called Google Apps Partner. Since then, a lot has changed. Engaging in Big Data We worked hard and were lucky enough to take on more and more interesting projects as […]

The third Aliz office has officially opened, this time in Munich

third aliz officeReading Time: < 1 Minute Read We’re excited to let you know that the third Aliz office has officially opened, this time in Munich. Since we announced a few months ago that our Singapore office had opened its doors, we’ve taken up a huge number of extensive ML and Big Data projects for leading Asian startup unicorns, airlines, and e-commerce businesses. […]

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing: Apply ML for Marketing like a Pro!

Machine Learning in Digital MarketingReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Did you know that 3 out of 4 organizations implementing machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10%? The topic of using machine learning in digital marketing is highly underrated. There are thousands of articles, speeches, and best practices out there promising more effective digital strategies, an increased number of […]

5 Good Reasons to Move to a Cloud-based Data Warehouse

cloud-based-data-warehouseReading Time: 3 Minutes Read The world of cloud-based Data Warehouses Does your company have a windmill in the parking lot? A nuclear reactor in the basement? A water well in the office kitchen? Of course not. So why then would you operate your own data warehouse? It takes a lot of work. You need tons of hardware, a capacity […]

New Name, New Corporate Identity

New Name, New Corporate IdentityReading Time: 2 Minutes Read This summer has been quite an eventful one for us. Not ‘eventful’ in the sense of something negative, rather a very exciting and empowering one as we’ve been preparing for our name change and redesigning our corporate identity. It’s happening today. From today on, we will operate globally under the new name of Aliz. But […]

Doctusoft Office Opened in Singapore

Doctusoft Office Opened in SingaporeReading Time: < 1 Minute Read We are happy to announce that our brand-new Doctusoft office has officially opened in Singapore. For a few months now, the number of projects we took up from Singapore has grown steadily. Although our wonderful Budapest based team is doing most of the work, we found it essential at this stage to open our office […]