Candidate experience in our tech recruitment

candidate experienceReading Time: 4 Minutes Read Our employees have always been the soul of our successful business. We are grateful and proud to have an amazing team that is able to scale even when the whole world is in crisis. Recruitment isn’t only about the company seeking out the greatest talent, though; it’s also about the candidates choosing the  role that […]

Transitioning from software development to data engineering

careersReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Big data is one of the hottest topics in the tech world. If you are a developer looking for a challenging career change, data engineering could be a great choice for you. But what does this role mean and how can you transfer to this field? We interviewed our big data architect, Csaba, who joined […]

Meet the CEO – Part I.

Reading Time: 5 Minutes Read Background story My family belonged to a tight-knit minority group and I had always wanted to be a valuable member of this supportive community. My aspiration was proving the world that we are smart and successful. It was evident that I should go to university. However, after the Romanian revolution, my desire was to break […]

Employee well-being initiatives: Creating an engaged workforce

How do we promote employee wellbeing? How do we promote employee wellbeing?Reading Time: 5 Minutes Read In my previous blog post, I shared how important it is for us to provide a flexible and healthy working environment for our employees. In addition to having an open policy on home office, we feel that as an employer, it’s our responsibility to help our team maintain their physical and mental health. Employee well-being […]