Being an Official Google Cloud Partner: What comes with the Badges?

google partner badgeReading Time: 3 Minutes Read We flash some cool “bling” on our website; in addition to our branding, we show off our Official Google Cloud Partner badges.  What is a Google Cloud Partner, anyway? Why the badge? As a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have been thoroughly vetted by Google on our technical expertise using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) […]

5 ways startups can benefit from using Google Cloud technology

Google Cloud for startupsReading Time: 3 Minutes Read The startup sphere is as rewarding as is it grueling. The highs are mountainous, but the lows can be, well, you get it. That’s why it’s extremely important to set you and your team up for success from the get-go. Many startups have opted to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions as the technical foundation […]

COVID-19, Cloud Technology, and Network Analytics

network_analyticsReading Time: 3 Minutes Read Last week, we kicked off a series that aims to expand on the implications of COVID-19 on the future of business and cloud technology. We gathered insights from experts across various industries to learn more about the strategies they’ve been applying to demonstrate resilience in the face of this pandemic, and about the effects this […]

COVID-19, cloud technology, and IT security

it_securityReading Time: 2 Minutes Read In light of the challenges many businesses are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we set out to gather insights from experts across diverse industries. We wanted to learn more about the strategies they have been implementing to demonstrate resilience in the face of COVID-19, as well as about the effects this global […]

COVID-19 and the airline industry: tackling turbulence with technology

covid-19-airlineReading Time: 3 Minutes Read If your industry is especially affected by the current situation, and you’re not sure how to handle the new digital challenges – we’re here for you. We’re offering free services and if you help us understand the biggest challenges you’re facing right now, we can get back to you with an action plan. You can […]

4 reasons why you should use a GCP reseller

GCP resellerReading Time: 3 Minutes Read These days, talk about digitalization and ‘the cloud’ is constant and urgent. In our ever-globalizing and ever-innovating world, the opportunities to harness cloud technology and use it to fuel growth are endless (just check out some of the many use cases in our previous blogs posts); but it can also be daunting to manage. The […]