Rate Limiting in rxjs

Rate Limiting in rxjsReading Time: 5 Minutes Read I saw a question on StackOverflow recently that got me thinking. How do you rate limit HTTP calls with rxjs? Some APIs have quotas where you can only make a certain number of requests in a given time period, for example, 5 requests in 1 second. Throughout this post, I’ll stay with the 5 requests/second […]

A Word on Typescript

A Word on TypescriptReading Time: 2 Minutes Read In my last post, I’ve introduced some frameworks like npm and bower. Now let’s have a word on TypeScript. Too much talk There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about the advantages and disadvantages of TypeScript, and how beneficial it is. But how does it compare to BabelJs or Traceur? Why do we […]

Yo! Npm, bower pls, thx!

Reading Time: 2 Minutes Read Let’s start a web application development in medias res! We will use some fancy technology like NodeJs, ExpressJs, Typescript, and AngularJs. And if all goes well we will toss in Azure for good measure. I want to find out how these technologies play together, how Typescript tames the Javascript backend (I know, it’s blasphemous, but […]