Three secrets behind an application with five million users

success from close upReading Time: 3 Minutes Read What success is like from close up AODocs – a cloud-based enterprise solution for document management – is used by five million users and must be continuously available. Our 10-person team in Budapest is part of a 50+ international group of experts in four countries on two continents working on the product. In the second […]

How Our Performance Evaluation Made Us Attractive

performance evaluationReading Time: 3 Minutes Read Substituting the recruiter I had the chance recently to get insights into recruitment when my HR colleague was on a three-week vacation and I covered for them. Since I’d previously led efforts to shape people management and performance evaluation, it wasn’t a challenge for me to articulate the company’s value proposition to our candidates. During […]

Setting Learning Objectives at Doctusoft

Setting Learning Objectives at DoctusoftReading Time: < 1 Minute Read When you feel competent at work, it’s like playing a cool game. It’s more motivating than any kind of compensation. Beyond all forms of compensation, we need purpose and meaning in our work. But to find our purpose at work we need to stretch, to learn, to adopt. This short post is about Setting Learning Objectives […]

Personal Goals in the Project

Personal-goals-in-the-projectReading Time: 2 Minutes Read Before our last project kick-off meeting, my team took an hour to clarify our personal objectives and align them with the project goals. This turned out to be a very powerful means of energizing the team. This post is about how we realize personal goals in the project. First of all, we went through the […]

The Power of Thank You

The Power of Thank YouReading Time: < 1 Minute Read Isn’t it great to be appreciated? Especially for the little things you have done? Much of what we do throughout the day is often taken for granted. And when our proactivity, trust, and helpfulness are not recognized, they slowly fade away. So we have learned not to let it happen. This article explores the power […]