Data backwards compatibility: Evolving your database with no downtime

evolving dataReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Evolving data structures in a continuously operated application with a NoSQL database can be challenging. These are some of the experiences we’ve had so far in the development and operation of AODocs, a cloud-native, serverless document management system used by millions of users all around the world. No downtime I’m not saying I miss developing […]

Application operation on GCP

application operation on gcpReading Time: 5 Minutes Read At Aliz, we specialize in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions. Our team participates in the development of a successful document management platform called AODocs, a truly cloud-native solution. We’d like to show you how we leverage certain GCP services during the development and operations of this application. Using a banana for scale, AODocs has about […]

Scientific mindset in software development

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Read The modern scientific method and good software development practices have a lot in common. The same principles that have made science successful in recent centuries seem to be fundamental to successful software development. Let me share some examples. Nullius in verba Did a chief architect somewhere ever specify what framework you had to use in […]