The Millennials: Why they need your data to make decisions

millenialsReading Time: 8 Minutes Read The transition generation-or better known as the Millennials- is transitioning humanity to a new era, one that will be completely fueled by technology and massively different from what we got used to in the twentieth century. This magnitude of change will be similar to the one after the first Industrial Revolution. In this two-part post, […]

Machine Learning in Business: How far have we come in 40 years?

Machine Learning in BusinessReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Artificial intelligence for all!? The other day I was chatting with the owner of my favorite bakery. Out of nowhere, she asked me how artificial intelligence (AI) could drive business for her. Actually, she was more specific: How could AI automate her marketing? I was surprised. I’d never imagined her asking me about this. By […]