Recommendations: from vanilla to personalization – Part II.

personalizationReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Here’s Part II. of my series about Machine Learning and personalization – read the first article here. Recommendations are not as vanilla as you may think When building a recommendation engine, the very first question to address is the What: what to recommend? What products would fit our customers’ tastes or needs? A lot of […]

Recommendations: from vanilla to personalization – Part I.

personalizationReading Time: 4 Minutes Read In this post, we discuss a prominent topic: How artificial intelligence (AI), and especially personalization can better serve customer experience – either your customers’ experiences or your experience as a customer. As a Data Science Architect at Aliz and a former Senior Data Scientist in the Market Research industry, I’ve handled many companies’ Recommendation Engines […]

The Sunny Days of a Working Mom

working mom at a deskReading Time: 3 Minutes Read .This story is about how I’ve discovered a new level of multitasking on a journey that began last autumn as a working mom. Let’s see the ups and downs of my first year at Aliz. From stay-at-home to office happiness On my first day at Aliz, I was extremely excited but hopelessly lost. Some years […]

COVID-19, Cloud Technology, and Network Analytics

network_analyticsReading Time: 3 Minutes Read Last week, we kicked off a series that aims to expand on the implications of COVID-19 on the future of business and cloud technology. We gathered insights from experts across various industries to learn more about the strategies they’ve been applying to demonstrate resilience in the face of this pandemic, and about the effects this […]