Aliz is Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year in APAC

partner of the yearReading Time: 2 Minutes Read   We have some exciting news… We’ve been really excited to tell the world (and it was so hard to keep this a secret) – among these trying times, we still have a reason to celebrate: Google Cloud named Aliz the 2019 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for the Asia Pacific region! We […]

Transitioning from software development to data engineering

careersReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Big data is one of the hottest topics in the tech world. If you are a developer looking for a challenging career change, data engineering could be a great choice for you. But what does this role mean and how can you transfer to this field? We interviewed our big data architect, Csaba, who joined […]

COVID-19 and the airline industry: tackling turbulence with technology

covid-19-airlineReading Time: 3 Minutes Read If your industry is especially affected by the current situation, and you’re not sure how to handle the new digital challenges – we’re here for you. We’re offering free services and if you help us understand the biggest challenges you’re facing right now, we can get back to you with an action plan. You can […]