AutoML: An Introduction To Get You Started

AutoMLReading Time: 4 Minutes Read AutoML is an exciting new trend in the Machine Learning (ML) industry. It revolves around analyzing data automatically and getting meaningful insights with minimum effort. By using the ingested data it is also capable of building models which can later be used as predictors for new data points.  What is AutoML and what is it […]

Dataflow vs. Spark: 4 Key Differences to Consider

Dataflow vs. SparkReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Both Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Spark are big data tools that can handle real-time, large-scale data processing. They have similar directed acyclic graph-based (DAG) systems in their core that run jobs in parallel. But while Spark is a cluster-computing framework designed to be fast and fault-tolerant, Dataflow is a fully-managed, cloud-based processing service for […]

Computer Science Meets Humanities: Machine Learning Ethics

Machine Learning EthicsReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Although I work at a tech company, I have no technological background whatsoever. I graduated in linguistics from the Department of Humanities, meaning I had to sit through compulsory philosophy and ethics classes. It got me thinking: how am I going to use all this? And then it hit me. There is no better time […]