Natural Language Processing: A Short Introduction To Get You Started

Natural Language ProcessingReading Time: 8 Minutes Read Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to improve communication between humans and computers. People speak in languages defined by error-prone rules. They make mistakes and use illogical statements, yet they still understand each other pretty well. Computers, on the other hand, need a perfect structure, preferably already in […]

Employee well-being initiatives: Creating an engaged workforce

How do we promote employee wellbeing? How do we promote employee wellbeing?Reading Time: 5 Minutes Read In my previous blog post, I shared how important it is for us to provide a flexible and healthy working environment for our employees. In addition to having an open policy on home office, we feel that as an employer, it’s our responsibility to help our team maintain their physical and mental health. Employee well-being […]