How Our Performance Evaluation Made Us Attractive

performance evaluationReading Time: 3 Minutes Read Substituting the recruiter I had the chance recently to get insights into recruitment when my HR colleague was on a three-week vacation and I covered for them. Since I’d previously led efforts to shape people management and performance evaluation, it wasn’t a challenge for me to articulate the company’s value proposition to our candidates. During […]

Analytic functions in Google BigQuery – Part 1: Basics

Analytic functions in Google BigQuery - Part 1: BasicsReading Time: 3 Minutes Read Google BigQuery, Google’s data warehouse solution, has many functions and capabilities. In Part 1 of a series of posts, we look at the definition of analytic functions, how they differ from aggregate functions, and the various uses they have in everyday scenarios.

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing: Apply ML for Marketing like a Pro!

Machine Learning in Digital MarketingReading Time: 6 Minutes Read Did you know that 3 out of 4 organizations implementing machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10%? The topic of using machine learning in digital marketing is highly underrated. There are thousands of articles, speeches, and best practices out there promising more effective digital strategies, an increased number of […]

Reinvent Your Business with IoT – A Complete Guide

IOTReading Time: 4 Minutes Read The Internet of Things (IoT) has developed a lot throughout the past couple of years and there is a growing number of ways to use it for business development. Kick-start your year with discovering how the IoT can transform your business! In this series of blog posts, you will find out how you can: Use […]