Machine Learning in Business: How far have we come in 40 years?

Machine Learning in BusinessReading Time: 5 Minutes Read Artificial intelligence for all!? The other day I was chatting with the owner of my favorite bakery. Out of nowhere, she asked me how artificial intelligence (AI) could drive business for her. Actually, she was more specific: How could AI automate her marketing? I was surprised. I’d never imagined her asking me about this. By […]

5 Good Reasons to Move to a Cloud-based Data Warehouse

cloud-based-data-warehouseReading Time: 3 Minutes Read The world of cloud-based Data Warehouses Does your company have a windmill in the parking lot? A nuclear reactor in the basement? A water well in the office kitchen? Of course not. So why then would you operate your own data warehouse? It takes a lot of work. You need tons of hardware, a capacity […]