5 Things You Can Do with Your BigQuery Quota in Google Analytics 360


5 Things You Can Do with Your BigQuery Quota in Google Analytics 360

Tamas Szatmari — Head of Business Development at Aliz Technologies

Although many companies are not aware of the fact, but by purchasing the Google Analytics 360 suite, they get a free quota of monthly 500 USD for Google BigQuery usage. Since there is a direct integration between the two services, there are plenty of opportunities that an ecommerce company can leverage.

The integration allows you to automatically import unsampled, hit-level Google Analytics 360 logs to Google BigQuery, the Google-scale and Google-speed fully managed query engine, several times per day. This feature allows you to easily track every single activity of millions of users and execute in-depth, ad-hoc analysis in seconds, without being worried about the scalability and availability of the data management platform.

We collected a couple of interesting use cases:

  1. Retarget more effectively. Connect your registered customers’ data (e.g. spending history, email address) with their buyer journey on the website, and retarget them with personalized recommendations and campaigns. Find out who the customers are with a certain spend history and without visiting your site for some time, and contact them with relevant contents.
  2. Use machine learning techniques on top of your data to identify opportunities that lead to higher revenue streams or lower costs. For example, create customer segments. Predict the spendings and optimize your logistics or stock. Integrate public datasets (e.g. weather information), and find out whether there is any correlation with the users’ behaviour.
  3. Drill down in your log data to investigate specific customers’ behaviour.
  4. Integrate your Google Analytics data with other social data sources, and find out what the average customer spend was by source media (e.g. Search Ads, Social Ads, email, organic search) in the last marketing campaign.
  5. Visualize the information you need. Create reports on top of your data stored in BigQuery by using popular reporting tools, such as Tableau, Data Studio, Qlick.


The best thing in this Analytics 360 and BigQuery integration is that you don’t have to worry about the costs. Since the 500 USD per month free BigQuery quota approximately equals 25 terabytes of storage or 100 terabytes of queried data, it is really difficult to exceed for almost all the ecommerce companies, even with billions of hits per months.


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